Applications F&L, administration

  • Stud.IP LMS

    Das Online-Portal zum studienbegleitenden Internetsupport von Präsenzlehre, kurz Stud.IP stellt eine Vielzahl hiflreicher Funktionen zur Organisation von Studium und Lehre bereit.

  • E-Learning- & E-Assessment-Systems

    The computer center provides IT systems that extend the central learning management system Stud.IP with additional functions for e-learning and e-assessments.

  • Web- & Content-Management-Systems

    A university-wide content management system (CMS) is operated and web hosting in TUC layout is offered for the institutes and facilities of TU Clausthal.

  • Websites

    The data center offers the possibility to provide static web pages on a Linux Apache server. This allows users to create and manage their own websites in HTML. A common alternative, however, is the use of Typo3 for website design, see Web and Content Management Systems.

  • MaikePlus

    The MaikePlus system provides the Presidium with an evaluation tool for certain key figures. It allows the annual evaluation of the key figures and the publication of the results.

  • Application development incl. operation

    Special web or client-server applications are programmed if no standard solution can be obtained for the process or task. Depending on the complexity and user group, it is decided whether the requirement is developed as a Web application or client-server application.

  • Business Intelligence

    The Business Intelligence system provides different user groups with a set of evaluations, initially for the areas of students, degrees and personnel (heads and FTEs).

  • Campus Management System

    Department 2 is responsible for the client-server software for the student and examination system as well as the study portal with its online functions and the course catalogue. Thus, the student-life-cycle is supported by the system.

  • corporate planner

    The Corporate Planner provides Controlling with a system for consolidating plan and actual data. Updates are imported for this system and Customizing is performed.

  • document management system

    Department 2 operates the DMS system primarily in order to be able to digitise processes. Paper-bound work steps should thus be able to be digitally processed.

  • Committee administration SD.Net

    SD.Net provides the university with a system for committee administration. The system can be used for all committees. Department 2 imports updates, carries out Customizing and ensures rudimentary user support.

  • Institute Accounting

    Department 2 provides the institutes and facilities with an institute accounting system (client-server software), with which budget monitoring, which SAP does not offer, is possible.

  • Payroll Accounting KIDICAP

    At Clausthal University of Technology, payroll accounting is performed by service providers. All payroll-relevant data is recorded in the payroll department of Department 3.

  • Quality control loop and study progress stat.

    In a special application, the data required for the quality control loop and the study progress statistics are calculated for each study programme and made available as an Excel export.

  • SAP R/3

    TU Clausthal uses the ERP system SAP/R3 for the areas of finance, cost accounting and human resources. Department 2 is responsible for these modules and online reporting.

  • Statistical evaluations

    Evaluations are generated or programmed for external and internal purposes. The basic data for semester and university statistics and the university key figures are also calculated in the Statistics functional area in Department 2.

  • TU-Card

    Department 2 provides a central system for the creation and validation of the student card or employee card. The creation of the cards takes place in Department 5.

  • Holiday planner

    The administration has a central system for absence planning. Support and Customizing is the responsibility of Department 2.

  • Administration wiki & manual

    The information for the management wiki and management handbook is provided centrally by Department 2.

  • Administrative workstation

    The required specialist applications are installed, maintained and, in some cases, professionally supported. Of particular importance here is compliance with security standards and implementation of the TUC's IT security guidelines.

  • Elections

    Special software is used to conduct the elections, which is made available locally.

  • Time Management

    The administration has a central time management system at its disposal. There are 4 terminals available for stamping. The required chips are issued in department 1 or 3.

  • Central form server (Liquid Office)

    Department 2 provides a central form server for the university. More than 100 forms are available here, which are kept up-to-date and where plausibility checks are used to improve data quality.

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