Campus Management System

Department 2 is in charge of the client-server software for the student and examination system (ZUL-GX, SOS-GX, POS-GX) as well as the study portal with the online functions (application QIS-ZUL, examination QIS-POS) and the course catalogue (HIS-LSF). The student-life-cycle is thus supported by the system.

The systems are provided by HIS eG as provider. Updates and further developments for the study portal are tested and released by the CMS working group. Own developments are subject to a quality assurance process and are then released for productive use at HIS. For this purpose the department operates 2 own test servers. Interfaces to other systems are also supported.

All requests in the CMS environment are usually collected via the ticket system (OTRS). Here, a distinction is made between adjustments or bug fixes to be implemented promptly and further developments with project character. These requests are prioritized in the working group and then conceptualized, projected and assigned to work packages.

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