Network connection

Network connection

The Computer Center operates the central network infrastructure of Clausthal University of Technology. The powerful network can be accessed from the offices, seminar rooms, laboratories, etc. at appropriate outlets. The network is distributed throughout the entire campus via fiber optic lines. The data center configures the outlets and other network equipment and connects the desired institute network.

Information on guest access for university events can be found under Guest Access System.

Network usage in seminar rooms & lecture halls

In order to facilitate public network access in the lecture halls, laboratories, foyers or seminar rooms for guests or employees of TU Clausthal, we offer the possibility to use an access portal!

For access you need your TUC access data or a valid guest ID. If a connection is not released for the access portal, please contact us.

As soon as you have connected your computer to the intended port and try to open any web page, you will be automatically redirected to the access portal where you can log in with your user data. The procedure is similar to the procedure for hotspot registration in hotels or public transport.

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