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The online portal for study-related Internet support of classroom teaching, Stud.IP for short, offers a wide range of functions and for many students represents the core for organizing their studies.

An essential component of the platform is the course catalogue. All courses at TU Clausthal can be found using the search function and are listed under the associated facilities. Using the "Access to Course" function, you can enter your name in the list of participants and gain access to additional content and information, such as files made available or changes to dates. This enables easy exchange between lecturers and students.

In addition, various other useful functions are available. For example, a personal timetable and schedule can be created for organization purposes. The current events on campus can also be followed using the announcements and the virtual marketplace. In the community area, it is also possible to exchange information with other users outside of the courses.

You can get access with your RZ account at: studip.tu-clausthal.de.

Video server of the TU Clausthal

Missed a lecture or just lost the thread of the conversation? The exam is getting closer? On the TU Clausthal video server you will find numerous lecture series recorded and ready for streaming at any time. So you can watch the lecture material whenever it suits you, rewind it and repeat it as often as you like.

In addition to the lectures, you can also watch a variety of other useful and interesting videos. From reports on current events and insights into research to documentations about the Clausthal site. Take advantage of the extensive offer to support and flexibly arrange your studies.

The website of the video server can be found at: video.tu-clausthal.de

Online Video Tutorials Lynda

Lynda.com is a platform that offers more than 2000 video courses that provide you with individual training in the use of software products. The range of courses, each consisting of several videos, extends from basic introductions, e.g. to Microsoft Office products, to special topics, including business, design and programming.

The extensive online library is not only available on the PC, but also on mobile devices (Windows, iOS, Android) via app. Furthermore, both German and English language courses are available, although not all offers are available in different languages.

TU Clausthal offers you the opportunity to create a free account with your RZ user ID. This means that after just a few clicks you will have access to the entire range of helpful and interesting instructional videos by Lynda.

For account creation: www.lynda.com/signin/organization (URL to be entered: www.tu-clausthal.de)

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