PKI infrastructure and certificates

PKI infrastructure and certificates

The computer centre is responsible for the application and allocation of server and user certificates. The corresponding certificates are registered and issued signed by the TU Clausthal's certification authority (DFN-PKI service).

A user certificate enables you to digitally sign documents and encrypt e-mails, for example. A server certificate also enables authenticated and tamper-proof data transmission when using network services (e.g. via https).

Applications for user certificates must be submitted personally to an employee of the subscriber service (accredited persons). In addition, the attributes stated in the certificate must be checked by means of photo identification.

In the case of server certificates, however, it must be checked whether it is an official service on a TU Clausthal computer. This requires an accredited person from the respective TU Clausthal institution. The accreditation application must be completed in full and handed in personally (with initial certificate applications if necessary) to the subscriber service.

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