Cloud & Storage Service

Sync & Share

For TU employees, the data center offers cloud storage in the form of TUCloud. Initially, 5 GB of storage is available at the Clausthal server location. For projects and on request, the storage quota can also be expanded. We can also help you plan and configure the service (Owncloud) and advise you on how to use it, for example to set up project accounts.



The computer centre provides central storage space on its servers. This can be designed as a network drive for users and server services or can be released for specific use, e.g. as group or team shares. There are also some public network drives, including an area with general software.

Personal network drive

If you are logged on to a computer at Clausthal University of Technology with your computer center user ID, a personal network drive with 4GB storage space is available in the Windows user home area, which can be enlarged if necessary.

You can access your personal area with your user account from all computers in the TU Clausthal network. A VPN connection is required for access from outside.


The service Cryptshare allows a secure transfer of files up to 20 GB total size and can be reached at Users of TU Clausthal can upload files via the web interface and make them available for others to download or upload files from other sites.

The entire process - uploading, intermediate storage and retrieval - is secured by cryptographic procedures. Notifications are automatically sent by e-mail. The only requirement is the use of a e-mail address on the sender and/or recipient side.

Both messages and files can be sent to one or more recipients, similar to a normal e-mail. You must verify your email before sending, and for added security you can set a password to retrieve the files.

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