Internet & network access


With your RZ user ID, you can use the campus WLAN eduroam at various hotspots. You can also log into the WLAN at other universities participating in the eduroam project.

One prerequisite for use is electronic recognition of the operating regulations. To do this, you must log in with your user data on the service portal page of the computer center, and by using the service you also accept the university computer center's terms of use. Please read both documents carefully.

The available eduroam hotspots can be marked on the campus map .

Detailed instructions for setting up the connection with various devices and operating systems can be found on the pages of the RZ documentation.


If you want to access certain resources of the TU Clausthal network from outside the TU Clausthal, you need a VPN connection to the TU Clausthal network. The computer center offers a VPN gateway that allows you to establish an encrypted and authenticated connection and thus enables secure access to TUC-internal resources. You connect to our VPN gateway, authenticate yourself with your user ID and password and from then on your computer is part of the TU network, even if there is no direct physical connection.

A VPN connection only makes sense if you are not in the TU Clausthal network area (WLAN/institute network) and need access to IT resources on the intranet (e.g. network shares/campus software, license servers, catalogues/directories of the University Library, etc.). It is also important to note that once the VPN connection has been started, all data traffic on your computer will be routed via the Clausthal University of Technology VPN infrastructure in "full tunnel" mode. This means that the rest of your communication with the Internet will also be sent via the TU Clausthal network.

Personal network drive

If you are logged on to a computer at Clausthal University of Technology with your RZ user ID, you have a personal network drive with 4GB of storage space available in the Windows user home area, which can be enlarged if required.

Access to your personal area is possible with your user account from all computers in the TU Clausthal network. A VPN connection is required for access from outside.