Guest access system

Guest access system

For guests of Clausthal University of Technology, temporary access to the TU Clausthal network can be created, e.g. within the framework of university events. For this purpose, the Computer Center offers a guest access system that provides guests with access to the WLAN "TUC-Guest" and to network sockets in seminar rooms. Guest access can be requested as follows:

  • Order the required number of identifiers from the organizer. If an organizer frequently requires guest accesses, authorization can be granted in the service portal to independently create guest accesses in consultation with the RZ. Please contact us.
  • Issue of guest access to participants by the organizer.
  • Log on to "TUC-Guest" or to a public network socket via web browser.

To apply for access to the guest network, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Number of required identifiers (max. 250 identifiers possible).
  • Name of the event and the organizer.
  • Period of the event.

A minimum of one week's notice is required to set up the accesses. We recommend ordering "TUC-Guest" as early as possible. In addition, "TUC-Guest" can of course only be provided at the locations of the TU Clausthal WLAN hotspots.

The guest access data will be handed over to the organizer or an authorized person against signature.

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