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Video server

The multimedia department of the computer center develops and maintains a video server for the provision of the video offer of TU Clausthal. In addition to a large number of lecture recordings, this also includes various own video productions.

The video server is a distributed server system that uses various automatisms to independently take over and process many steps in the processing chain up to the finished end product. It is continuously adapted to current Internet formats and end devices and the video stock is archived.

On the video server's website, the wide range of products in various categories is available for streaming. Apart from lecture recordings, the spectrum ranges from research and teaching, conferences and lectures to documentation about Clausthal University of Technology and the region.

Lecture recordings are, if the lecturer so wishes, reliably protected from unwanted access by a self-developed Stud.IP plug-in. In this way, the lecturer can make his lecture accessible exclusively to his audience.

Currently we use the platform "Opencast/Matterhorn" for recording and presentation of the lectures. The type of presentation can be easily configured by the user with regard to the size of the lecturer video/lecture slides. Furthermore, a timeline and a slide-based division of the lecture into sections can be activated.

To the video server website: video.tu-clausthal.de

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