Cloud & Communication


All students and staff receive an e-mail account from the computer center on the central mail server of Clausthal University of Technology, which contains an e-mail address of the form

The e-mail and groupware server offers a comfortable "classic" webmail interface. Furthermore, the webmail interface of CommuniGate Pro provides a calendar and note function.

Microsoft Outlook users can use the MAPI connector to access their e-mails and manage filter rules very conveniently. In addition, calendars can be shared by individual users or even by workgroups.

WebMail interface: TU Clausthal - WebMail

MAPI-Connector: Download (.zip file)

Data Cloud for students

For students, the TU Clausthal's computer center allows the use of the Academic Cloud of the GWDG Göttingen. Here 50GB of storage space is available at the server location Göttingen. An advantage over external cloud services is, for example, the easier clarification of data protection issues.

In addition to access via a browser, there is also a software that enables the synchronization of files and directories on your PC. For detailed instructions on how to use the Academiccloud in a web browser and how to synchronize on your computer, please refer to the data center documentation.

You can access it here with your RZ user ID: Academic Cloud


CryptShare Mail file transfer

The Cryptshare service enables secure transmission of files up to 20 GB in total size and can be accessed at Users at Clausthal University of Technology can upload files via the web interface and make them available for others to download or have files uploaded from other sites.

The entire process - i.e. uploading, intermediate storage and retrieval - is secured by cryptographic procedures. Notifications are automatically sent by e-mail. The only requirement is the use of a e-mail address on the sender and/or recipient side.

Both messages and files can be sent to one or more recipients, similar to a normal e-mail. Before sending, you must verify your e-mail. For additional security, you can also set a password to retrieve the files.

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