Public printers

The TU Clausthal computer center operates a number of public printers. These are located in the University Library and in some PC pools. In addition, there are printers in various dormitory buildings, which are primarily intended for the use of dormitory residents.

In order to print, you need sufficient credit on your user account and a connection to the TU network. Printing from outside is possible with a VPN connection.

The prices are identical for most printers and range from 0.03€ per page on DIN A4 in b/w to 0.30€ for a colour print in DIN A3 format.

Large format printing

Larger printouts in formats up to DIN A0, e.g. for posters, are possible with the large format inkjet printers in the computer centre. For this purpose you must register once by sending a short e-mail to

As a student, you pay for the printout when you pick it up in cash or via available print credits. If you print (e.g. as a staff member) on behalf of an institute, you will need a material slip with stamp and cost centre of the institute in any case. In case of doubt, please ask the institute secretary's office. The computer centre will then enter the costs for the respective production on the material slip.

Print-outs of a commercial nature are generally not permitted and will be destroyed at cost.

Print credits for students

As a student, you can use a free print credit (Free) per semester, which is provided from study quality funds. Unused free printing credit expires at the end of the semester. You can also top up your credit account (cash) with cash at the information desk in the University Library and at the RZ-Helpdesk in the computer centre.

The costs are debited automatically when printing with the public printers. If available, the free printing credit is always used up first. The possibility to transfer cash credits (not free credits), as well as details about your print jobs and your account balance can be found in your personal print portal. To log in, please use your user ID.

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