E-Mail & Groupware

All students and staff receive an e-mail account from the computer center on the central mail server of Clausthal University of Technology, which contains an e-mail address of the form

Besides the "classic" webmail interface of the e-mail and groupware server, Communigate Pro offers extensive calendar and note functions. These are particularly interesting for workgroups due to various administration and sharing functions. Users of Microsoft Outlook can access their data (e-mails, calendars, notes, etc.) with the MAPI connector.

To set up mailing lists, please send us an email with the name, purpose and administrator (RZ user ID) of the list to

WebMail interface: TU Clausthal - WebMail

MAPI Connector: Download (.zip file)


Microsoft SharePoint is a web application that simplifies group collaboration, organization and content editing. The basis of this "modular system" is formed by private websites that are created for work. On the one hand, this allows you to access the content from anywhere via web browser and, on the other hand, to share it with other users. For example, you can simultaneously edit documents or add lists and libraries to a team website.

The data center takes care of the provision and operation of central storage space, performs daily data backups and maintains the SharePoint software.

More information: SharePoint product description

PKI infrastructure & certificates

The computer centre is responsible for the application and allocation of server and user certificates. The corresponding certificates are registered and issued signed by the TU Clausthal certification authority (DFN-PKI service).

A user certificate enables you to digitally sign documents and encrypt e-mails, for example. A server certificate also enables authenticated and manipulation-free data transmission when using network services (e.g. via https).

Applications for user certificates must be submitted personally to an employee of the Student Services (accredited persons). In addition, the attributes stated in the certificate must be checked by means of photo identification.

With server certificates, on the other hand, it must be checked whether it is an official service on a TU Clausthal computer. This requires an accredited person from the respective TU Clausthal institution. The accreditation application must be completed in full and submitted in person (if necessary with initial certificate applications) to the subscriber service.


The computer center operates a comprehensive portfolio of telecommunication services for Clausthal University of Technology. this begins with the planning, implementation and operation of the telephone network and does not end with the procurement of mobile devices. in addition to directly visible services such as the provision of telephone systems with extensive functions, e.g. for initiating telephone conferences, many services take place in the background, such as the operation of power lines for hazard alarm systems and building services engineering.

Instructions for all functions can be found in the RZ documentation. If you have any further questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to

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