Event technology

Event technology

Conferences, meetings, speeches, fairs, colloquia, sports events: At Clausthal University of Technology, event technology always comes into action unobtrusively as an audiovisual element.

When planning events, we work together with the event management in the assembly hall. The Aula Academica is the conference centre at Clausthal University of Technology. With its domed hall, the spacious plenum and the adjoining seminar rooms, it offers a wide range of possibilities for holding events.

It goes without saying that the speaker should be in the right light, the welcoming words should be loud and understandable, and the presentation slides should be visible to everyone. In addition, the program flow should possibly be accompanied by music or the break snack by a picture show.

Due to our experience and the professional support we provide, we are able to implement the event planning and desired services appropriately. After clarifying the general conditions and a site inspection, we select the suitable components for you, prepare them and are on site to support you during the event.

Depending on the type and scope, we will put together the appropriate sound reinforcement concept for you. Different types of microphones are selected and used: Whether radio-based, wireless microphones, console microphones or variants suitable for musical recording, we decide according to the intended use. The mixing is done from a control room that is operated by us throughout - you concentrate on your guests, your actors on their show and we concentrate on the technology in the background.

We would also be happy to record your event on video. See recording of lectures and events

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