Media technology in central lecture halls

Media technology in central lecture halls

The central lecture halls of TU Clausthal, including the central multimedia lecture halls (Tannenhöhe and Physics), are equipped with the latest media technology by the computer centre. In addition to maintenance and monitoring, the media technology is also planned to be renewed regularly. Furthermore, the software of the lecture PCs is maintained and support for the lecturers is provided.

To ensure easy operation of the extensive media technology, media controls with touch panels are used. The lighting and other room functions can also be operated using the touch panel. The media technology itself is locked in the large lecture halls with the electronic locking system of TU Clausthal. To obtain access rights please send a short e-mail to

Technically, the lecture halls are at a similarly high level. The following equipment is available in most large lecture halls:

  • 1-2x high-resolution projector with Full HD resolution
  • Public address system
  • 1x PC
  • 1x pen display
  • 1x document camera
  • 1x BluRay player
  • 1x wireless microphone headset
  • 1x radio microphone plug
  • 1x presenter (radio transmitter for foil change)
  • 1x analog connection VGA for notebook
  • 1x digital connector DVI or HDMI for notebook

In all lecture halls there is a lecture PC with a uniform software equipment:

  • Access via TU domain with RZ user identification
  • Windows 7
  • Microsoft® Office 2016 Prof. (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • Firefox with Flash
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Smartboard Software 18
  • Player for common video formats
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