Video server

The computer center operates several servers for the provision of the video offer of the TU Clausthal. In addition to various lecture recordings, these include many other videos on research, teaching, conferences and lectures, as well as documentation on TU Clausthal and the region. The videos are available for streaming at any time via the video server website. Furthermore, the video stock is continuously adapted to current Internet formats and end devices and archived.

The website of the video server can be found at:

Media technology for decentralised rooms

We offer to advise you on the equipment of decentralised rooms with media technology and to plan the procurement. We are also happy to advise you on the subsequent installation and commissioning.

You can find examples of equipment under Media technology for central lecture halls.

Rental of equipment

If you need audio or video technology for your event or presentation, please contact us. We have a range of equipment available for hire, in particular various projectors. Lending is basically free of charge and usually possible for up to two weeks. If you would like to borrow a device for a longer period or if you have any questions, please send us an email to

Video & Web Conferencing

We help you in different scenarios to set up a video conference. We provide meeting rooms and a lecture hall with video conferencing equipment as well as compatible software for the use of video conferencing at the workplace. The video conferencing service of DFN-Verein according to standard H.323 is used, for which a local infrastructure is operated. Furthermore, we would be pleased to advise you on the procurement of decentralised VK systems and their use.

If you want to set up a web conference instead, a corresponding service of DFN-Verein based on Adobe Connect is available. All you need to participate is a web browser with the latest FlashPlayer. The solution can be used with little effort, but is self-contained and proprietary.

CD/DVD/BR duplication

It is possible to burn and print CD-R, DVD-R and BluRays. Single orders as well as the production of small series (up to 100 copies) are offered. Simply fill out the appropriate form, sign it and hand in the signed application form to the RZ-Helpdesk in the computer centre.

Please ensure that the templates are in perfect condition and that you have the rights to reproduce them. The costs for creation and printing are currently 1.00 € per data carrier and must be paid in advance when submitting the application.

form: CD/DVD/BR duplication


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