The online portal for study-related Internet support of classroom teaching, Stud.IP for short, offers a wide range of functions that are used by teachers and students for organization and communication. It is a free software that is now used at many German universities for a wide range of tasks related to campus management and for many students is the core for organizing their studies.

As a member of TU Clausthal you can register with a valid RZ account at Stud.IP and create your own profile.

An essential part of the platform is the course catalogue. All courses at TU Clausthal can be found using the search function and are listed under the corresponding facilities. All important information on the respective course can thus be called up quickly and easily. Using the function "Access to the event", you can enter your name in the list of participants and gain access to additional content and information, such as files provided or changes in dates. This enables easy exchange between lecturers and students.

In addition, various other useful functions are available. For example, a personal timetable and schedule can be created for organization. Current events on campus can also be followed with the help of announcements and the virtual marketplace. In the community area, it is also possible to exchange information with other users outside of the courses.

The computer centre takes care of the availability and function of the system as well as many other features and plug-ins. Special focus is placed on the support of learning management, see e-learning and e-assessment systems.

To the website: TU Clausthal Stud.IP

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