User Management

User Management

The computer center creates and manages the computer center user accounts. Students, employees and other authorized users get access to a variety of central services of the computer center with their computer center account. In addition to linking and maintaining user data, user management also includes the administration of access rights to network drives, printers and other resources in the university network, as well as access control to external services via Shibboleth.

The computer center user ID is assigned for a period of time during which you are authorized to use the computer center according to our usage regulations. The usage regulations require that you notify us of the discontinuation of your usage authorization. Since this is often forgotten, we have established a procedure for validation. Details can be found on the pages of the data center documentation.

Students usually receive their user ID by post from the Student Secretariat after enrolment. Employees and other authorized users must apply for their user account (or have it applied for).

To change your password, log in to the service portal of the data center. If you have forgotten your password, you will receive a new one by presenting a photo ID to the computer center helpdesk.

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