Hardware & Printers

Hardware and printers

A structured administration of uniform standard hardware such as PCs and laptops can save a lot of time and costs, not only in purchasing, but also in inventory, maintenance and depreciation over the entire life cycle of the hardware.

We offer employees of TU Clausthal help with the integration and installation of various devices that are used in everyday work. You can find information on the procurement of the corresponding hardware and software in the Contracts section.

Workstation equipment

A desktop PC or notebook is nowadays a natural part of a workstation. If required, we will gladly take over the professional installation of the appropriate hardware to ensure the best possible functionality, including the basic setup of the operating system and some of the services we operate (e-mail, network drives, printers).

Mobile devices

The computer centre has created opportunities for employees and students of Clausthal University of Technology to use the TUC's IT resources securely using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), regardless of whether they are business or private devices.

We offer you the appropriate support, for example in the integration into the campus WLAN or the groupware environment. But we hope we can also help you with other questions and problems in the area of mobile devices.

Printer leasing

If you want to avoid the often cost-intensive purchase of a printer, but still need a new device, we can advise you on appropriate leasing contracts with the sellers.

For standard printer purchases, see Contracts.


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