Contract management

Contract management

The computer center takes care of the procurement and billing of hardware and software required on the TU Clausthal campus. Framework agreements are preferably concluded to cover the respective needs.


The data center offers comprehensive services for the procurement and administration of software as well as appropriate advice on use and costs, ranging from basic operating system licenses, campus-wide scientific application software, to special requirements of individual institutes and facilities.

Information and license keys necessary for setting up the software can be obtained from Support on request. Up-to-date information on the respective licenses can be found on the license monitoring web pages.

The demand for Microsoft products at Clausthal University of Technology is covered by various Microsoft programs. In particular, MS Office-365 software for private use by students and lecturers can be downloaded and used free of charge after registration at

Scientific application software

Within the framework of the campus software concept, the computer center procures various software products. The campus software concept is part of the higher-level software coordination and central procurement of IT resources/software by the computer center.

In addition to license management, the necessary installation files and instructions are also provided, but there are differences in the availability and use of the software products due to different licensing concepts of the providers.

Every member of Clausthal University of Technology is free to use the campus software concept in accordance with the respective license terms. We are also happy to expand the range of products and services on offer, as long as this makes economic sense and the question of campus-wide requirements has been clarified.

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For the procurement of printers there is a framework agreement with the company RICOH. Employees*, facilities and institutes of Clausthal University of Technology can obtain equipment of various sizes from this agreement. Equipment can be obtained from single workstations, workgroup or floor printers to multifunctional copy/scan printer terminals. For configuration and ordering please contact us via the regular support channels.


The computer center operates an extensive portfolio of telecommunication services for Clausthal University of Technology. This starts with the planning, implementation and operation of the telephone network and does not end with the procurement of mobile devices. In addition to directly visible services such as the provision of telephone systems with extensive functions, e.g. for initiating telephone conferences, many services take place in the background, such as the operation of power lines for hazard alarm systems and building services engineering.

Instructions for all functions can be found in the data center documentation. If you have any further questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to

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