Web- & Content-Management-Systems

Web and content management systems

The computer centre operates a university-wide content management system (CMS). Webhosting in the TU Clausthal layout is offered for the institutes and facilities, which also includes domain administration.

As a user you get access to the Typo3 backend of the website via a corresponding account. Typo3 allows even inexperienced users without knowledge of the underlying technology and programming to easily manage website content. With the help of templates and layout specifications provided by the computer centre, you can design the structure of the website and insert and maintain content. An editorial manual is intended to make your work in Typo3 easier and to show you the possibilities and guidelines for creating and editing the pages.

As an alternative to the above mentioned CMS, static websites based on Linux Apache servers can also be hosted, but this is becoming increasingly rare over time, see the entry Websites.

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