Application development incl. operation

Application development incl. operation

Special web or client-server applications are programmed if no standard solution can be obtained for the process or task. Depending on the complexity and user group, it is decided whether the requirement is developed as a Web application or as a client-server application.

Applications created so far are:

  • Incoming mail book
  • Language course management
  • List of applicants
  • Survey Mail Client (IAmt)
  • Logbook
  • File plan
  • MaikePlus
  • Budgetary programme
  • Monitoring of allowances
  • Study progress statistics
  • Database for administration and evaluation of sick days
  • PDF archive
  • PROHAB (recording of promotion data)
  • MaikePlus Online (Key figures per Prof.)
  • HIS-View (access to student data)
  • Bau-Online (evaluation of the spatial register)
  • Third-party funds (management of third-party funds)
  • (IT Management Dec 2)
  • Journey planning online module (journeys presidium)
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