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The computer center of Clausthal University of Technology procures various software products as part of the campus software concept. Due to different license agreements, there are differences in availability and usage. For example, some products can only be used on the computers on the TU Clausthal intranet or there is a limited number of licenses, while other programs can be used by employees and students on private devices.

Licenses are either granted by sending a request to support@rz.tu-clausthal.de or by using the provided license server. For most products, the installation files are available via the campus software share on the file server of the computer center. Since large amounts of data are sometimes moved during installation, it is recommended to copy the corresponding directories to a mobile data medium first to avoid installation via WLAN or VPN.

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In individual cases, please contact RZ Support by e-mail to find out how you can use the software.

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