Relaunch of the TU and Institute websites

The main idea behind the technical and content-related redesign of the TU Clausthal websites is the generalization and standardization of the processes of the entire external presentation of the TU Clausthal.

Since the homepage is the core component of the external presentation of the entire university, updates have a special weight here, both in terms of external visibility and as a signal effect internally.

The current web presence of Clausthal University of Technology was developed in 2004 together with the Corporate Design of Clausthal University of Technology in terms of design and technology as well as in terms of content, and has only been updated slightly since then. The web pages therefore no longer meet the requirements of a modern Internet presence in any of the points mentioned.

In order to regain ground here, the following essential fields of work were identified:

  • Menu structure
  • Design and technology
  • Coordinated processes for creating and publishing content

Since 1 July, TU Clausthal has been online with a new website. The homepage is the showcase of the university and an important marketing tool. For this reason, the redesign was particularly target-group oriented. First of all, the central university pages have been given a modern design, an optimized structure, adapted contents and a new technical basis. The other pages, such as those of the institutes, will follow.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Web-AG.


    Ongoing projects

    We are currently working on new websites for the following institutes and facilities of the university.

    • Institute of Processing, Landfill Engineering and Geomechanics - Chair of Landfill Engineering and Geomechanics
    • Institute for Thermal Process Engineering
    • AStA of the TU Clausthal
    • Alumni Management
    • Institute of Physical Chemistry
    • Institute for Energy Research and Physical Technologies
    • Institute for Theoretical Physics
    • Experience Science
    • Brocken Witches
    • SGTUC

    Completed website projects

    You can only see the following information if you are in the TU network or access this page via VPN: