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IT Security at TU Clausthal

IT security is becoming increasingly important and is penetrating ever wider circles of our daily lives. However, it stands and falls with the behaviour of the users of IT systems. In order to provide support here, the employees of the computer centre are available to provide advice and, if necessary, action. In addition, the Executive Board of Clausthal University of Technology has set up an IT Security Working Group and adopted an IT Security Policy.

The acting IT security officer of the TU Clausthal is:

Prof. Dr. RĂ¼diger Ehlers
Clausthal University of Technology
Institute for Software and Systems Engineering
Building C10, Room 217
Arnold-Sommerfeld-Str. 1
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld


Basic tips and information are available in the data center documentation on IT security. For those who are interested in the state of IT security in the country in general, we would be pleased to refer to the current IT Security in Germany management report of the Federal Office for Information Security.


The RZ offers training courses on IT security - please ask for an appointment by e-mail. Depending on the frequency of incoming inquiries or the desire to inform a lot of employees in a facility about IT security at once, we will then set an event date.

Information event

The RZ regularly offers information events on various IT security topics. Upcoming events:

IT Security Working Group

The working group has developed the guideline and is to improve it continuously. In the event of an incident, it is intended to structure and monitor the procedures and processes. Furthermore, it serves as a superordinate contact for questions of strategic IT security within Clausthal University of Technology. Its members are:

The respective heads of the computer centre and the Department for IT and Statistics also participate in the meetings of the working group as experts.

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If you have any questions about IT security, please contact