IT representative

The IT representatives of the institutes

According to the IT Security Guideline of Clausthal University of Technology, an IT officer is "the person of an institute, institution or department who has been authorized by the institution to specify the guidelines for IT use". There were critical voices, especially with regard to the guidelines. Therefore, the computer centre summarises the IT representative as follows: "IT representatives are a valued contact person and thus our target group in everyday operations".

Meeting of the IT representatives

As a rule, the computer centre invites the IT representatives to an event once a semester.

The main focus is then on communicating news from the data center in the form of a presentation, but the informal exchange following this is an integral part of every meeting: only in this way can we build and operate our services in a targeted manner.

Topics of the IT officers

A non-exhaustive list of issues affecting IT officers are

  • IT security in your own institute (based on the IT security guideline)
  • Printing (leasing of printers via the computer centre, contact person)
  • Network drives (definition and assignment of authorizations and structures)
  • Coordination of the procurement and support of local PC hardware in coordination with the computer centre
  • Larger projects such as the Windows 10 migration
  • IP address management in the institute
  • Software license coordination with the data center

There may be individual deviations from the list, e.g. an institute may have outsourced IP address management to the computer centre or may have the printing issue handled entirely by the office or the users of the respective equipment. The list is therefore not necessarily uniform for all institutes and facilities at Clausthal University of Technology.

Become an IT representative

The IT officers of an institute or a facility are appointed by the management of the respective facility/institution. This can be done by sending an informal e-mail to our support. In any case, we request that this information be provided in writing by either the office or the management of the institution or - in the event of the function being transferred to a successor - by the IT officer last known to us.

It is possible to divide an institute into departments and define the IT officers at departmental level.